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What are some of the best life tips?

1. Keep an extra car key in your purse or wallet.

2. To finally tackle a task you have been putting off, set the timer for 15 minutes, start, and see how far you get. Good chance you will get over your resistance and be able to continue, maybe even complete it. At least you will have a start.

3. Make it a habit to take 10 minutes to pick up a little bit, set out clothing and needed items for the next morning before you go to bed. Morning will run much

Best Life Tips
Life Tips

4.When you have serious housework or active tasks to do around the house, put on your shoes, preferably shoes that are athletic/activewear type. Strangely enough, gives you focus and spring to your step.

5. Tie a brightly colored ribbon to your keyring if you have trouble fishing it out of your bag.

6. One new item in, one old item out. Better yet, two old items out.

7. Get a library card. When you become aware of books you want to read, you can reserve them through your library for free. There are many more services the library offers- just go find out about them. The public library is a treasure.

8. If you want to attain optimum health and avoid lifestyle-related disease processes, learn about a plant-based diet.

9. Fold socks together when putting them away so you can easily grab a pair.

10. For nosebleed, sit up straight and pack nostril with absorbent material if available. Pinch nostrils together tightly and hold for 5-10 minutes until nosebleed stops.