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Can I freeze my dead body for 2000 years, keep my money legally safe in an account earning compound interest, thaw 2000 years later, re-animate and repair my body, and then live the life of a billionaire?

If you aren’t frozen properly then it’s all a nonsense anyway. Thermodynamics and the size and thermal conductivity of a human body prevents it freezing quickly enough for large, damaging ice crystals not to form. Unless we have the tech to get around this you will be as dead as a pork chop in 2,000 years, or 20 days.

There is also the question of … Well, your death. As I understand it death occurs because of an irreparable breakdown of critical systems leading to a cascade of organ shutdowns including the heart, lungs and brain. The brain is the real important bit and if this gives up your personality, memories and abilities will be lost completely – including the ability to control your own vital processes. You can’t just restart a brain. It’s like a transistor, once the magic smoke gets out, it will never work again. Something is lost, and nobody can explain exactly what it is or where it goes.

Eat well, get plenty of sleep and enjoy the life you have.

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