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What is the best website for checking IQ accurately online?

This is a great IQ test based on Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices and it’s similar to the official Mensa admission test.


As Tom exemplified with his answer there’s lots of bias against IQ test.

However IQ tests is what the U.S. education system uses to select students (SAT) and what employers use later to select candidates (where did you go to school?)

Too bad that the SAT is also driven by how much you prepared, which can give an unfair advantage to some, it would be nice to have a totally unbiased test and assess focus and perseverance completely separately using GPA or a different test.

It’s well proven that higher results on IQ test do correlate with higher income and career success. However, as it’s pretty obvious, the correlation cannot be that high because there are many other factors that drive income and career success, such as family background, perseverance/focus, making good life decisions, luck, etc.

No doubt that more research is needed to come up with more accurate tests, learn more about what IQ means, and what can we do to get smarter.

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