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What is the best career advice for a software developer to earn a higher salary?

I went from making 55K to 140K in five years.

Here are my lessons learnt:

1) Increasing skill sets alone is of little use if you cannot market them. Market your skill sets. Two things to keep in mind here:

a) Invest in skill sets that will pay. No use learning something just because you like it. Learn something for which companies are willing to pay top dollar.

b) Certifications – Get certified in things for which there will be a long-term demand. Not many developers do this. Build a diverse portfolio here. Just don’t do all your certifications in Java for example. Something like Scrum, Salesforce, and AWS is a good mix.

2) Look at your colleagues who are 10+ years older than you and ask yourself if you want to be doing the same stuff they are doing today. If the answer is no, find out what you need to do differently so as not to land in the same position as theirs ten years from now.

3) Read, Read, Read: Readers are Leaders / Leaders are Readers.

4) Come back here

earn more salary
earn more
after you have doubled your salary and share your experiences here so that others can benefit.