What makes a game a good game?

Without getting too technical, there are few things that make a game a good game.
1 – Game Play

There has to be some balance between giving the player a challenge and making the game too hard for the player

2 – Controls

Controls on Mobiles need to be as easy as possible to control!

3 – Graphics

Variety, spread and tone of colours must be greatly considered

Good Games technics
What makes good games

G-Star : Galaxy Star

AppStore Link https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1000363394
50 years has passed. Since meteor shower hit the Earth.
The devastating destruction of the earth has left Humans along other species that survived in disparate need for a new home.

Two great civilizations have evolved. GORDS and NORDS.

Power source contained in ORBs has been discovered and by having this power, the evil side of GORDS started to surface.

The ancient fight between evil and good is no different as of today the year 2090.

An organization has been formed to fight evil and pursue just, G-Star.


A Free Style Side-Scroller Shooter. That will take you through different stars and planets to fight evil that wants to control power source.
You have been trained to fight on foot, drive and operate advanced army vehicles, air fighters and spaceships.

You have been trained and equipped with a suit that has an advanced auto power regeneration shield along with fire arms to help you through different missions on different stars and planets.

Good Luck!

G-Star IOS Game
Galaxy Star

Police Chase Smash

AppStore Link https://itunes.apple.com/app/id499832211
Police High Speed Chase Smash action game.
Take Down the targets in this fast paced game.

Avoid traffic, collect pickups to help you through your chase.

Once you get to the target, Smash them!
Get points on how hard you smash them.

Upgrade your Police Ride to the extreme.
Collect coins and buy upgrades.
Get rated for each city you finish.

Race online against friends or just about anyone across the globe.

Fun, addictive for hours of play.

☀Play Offline.
☀Race Online to show off your ride.
☀Real 3D environment and cars!
☀Real physics.
☀10 different police cars to upgrade to.
☀4 US States and more to come.
☀3 cities in each State.
☀3 types of pickups(invisible, yield and coins).
☀6 different types of upgrades each with 5 slots.

What new in Ver 1.3
*Now You get to fly a Police chopper as an elite pilot in 3 new U.S. States!
*Game experience improved.
*Fixed minor bugs.
*This is a memory intensive game, might not work on older devices, it’s recommend to restart your device if the game crashes.

What is new in Ver. 1.2

*Everyone can now play all State’s levels, so everyone get to experience flying a police chopper and ride a police motorbike.
Get all states at more than 60% discount!!!
*Minor adjustments and fixes for a better gaming experience.
*Get your first hand on our latest game (A Space Shooter).

Top IOS Games
Car Race IOS

3D Friends

Make friends from around the world, Chat, send long messages, audio recordings, photos and play online games.
A great addition that was demanded by our beta testers. Now you can upload pictures to your page and share it with everybody or just friends. Get views and likes on every picture you upload to your page.

This is not based on your phone contacts, but rather driven from a database that has thousands of profiles, that you can send a request for friendship. Once the request is accepted, you will be able to send long messages, audio messages, photos, chat or play online games against friends and families.

Grow your friendship to unlimited number of friends from around the world. The sky is the limit.

Play games with just about anyone that has the App from around the world, and they don’t have to be online. You make your move in the game, and wait on them to make their’s. Once they do, you will get notified, then you can make another move.

Make an account in two seconds. Just enter a username and password. Nothing else.
Once you hit register, you are logged in automatically and will be presented with the following;

1- Update your profile, including uploading a personal photo.
2 – Browse all profiles from all around the world, or use filters for specific criteria.
3 – Play Online Turn Based Games.
4 – Write and send long messages.
5 – Chat.
6 – Send photos.
7 – Send audio recordings.
8- Add pictures to Your Page.

Currently Available games are;

1 – Tic Tac Toe
2 – Connect 4
3 – Dot

3D Friends App
3D Friends