Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest iPhone/iPad game
Skeletons and Dragons

In a land Far far away there lived The Unicorn Dragons.

The legend talks about the evil skeletons that took over their land and enslaved them. They rode the dragons and conquered many other lands.

The legend says, one of the dragons armed with flaming firry breath and courage. Has changed the history of their land from defeat and slavery to victory.

You are about to get engaged in one of a kind adventure like no other.

*Beside breathing flaming fire, those dragons love to collect coins and crystals.

*Adventure/Arcade style that will take you through different hostile environments.

*Use your fire and maneuvering technics to overcome deadly skeletons.

*Featuring fantastic realistic 3D worlds, characters and physics.

*Lot of dragons to choose from and different enemies to face and smoke.

Guaranteed to have you playing for hours.