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How to free up iPhone space with iMyfone Umate

This post is brought to you by iMyfone Technology Co., maker of iMyfone Umate.

Sure our iPhones look sharp, but the sleek exterior hides an inner life that resembles the floor of a bachelor pad. Broken bits of uncompressed photos, unused files, app caches, cookies, backup logs and whatnot clog up the works (there’s probably a few empty pizza boxes in there, too).

Our phones’ messy private lives wouldn’t matter much to us if they didn’t affect our own. How often do you find yourself unable to download an update due to lack of storage space? Or experience slow performance even after deleting a bunch of unused apps, clearing out old playlists and photos?

The problem isn’t you. It’s that Apple’s options for managing the space on our iPhones don’t really give us control of what’s on our devices. How often have you used iTunes to back up and delete all the photos from your iPhone to save space, only to find that somehow images still eat up a huge chunk of your phone’s storage?

iMyfone Umate for Mac offers another option, giving users the power to effectively manage what stays on their phones and how. It’s intuitive, powerful, fast and gives users enough manual control to make sure their devices are tidy and smooth-running, carrying exactly the contents they choose.

It’s easy to free up space on iPhone. The software combines more than 25 analyzation techniques and technologies that target and eliminate over 30 kinds of junk files. It also cleans up extraneous photo files used by various apps, and includes a powerful form of lossless compression for photos that can reduce their footprint by as much as 75 percent.

After you do this, and truly remove unused files and apps, you’ll be amazed at how much more space your phone has — and how much faster it runs.

iMyfone Umate shines in comparison to the usual, Apple-made method of managing mobile storage. Just plug your device in and let iMyfone scan to assess how much extra space can be cleared up. Then, with a single click, you can perform any of the above processes through an absolutely simple and uncluttered user interface. It really is that easy. Within minutes, Cult of Mac’s tester saved 5 gigabytes on a well-kept iPhone.

Everything that gets removed also gets automatically backed up to your computer, so there’s no risk of click regret. Many of us are tempted to expand our mobile storage by subscribing to iCloud or some other cloud-based storage system. iMyfone Umate is an easy alternative that, pound for pound, is also a lot more cost-effective.

The best way to get introduced is to give iMyfone Umate a try yourself. Download a free trial version for Mac or for Windows PC. It will offer a free scan that can tell you how much space iMyfone Umate can save, with the option to perform a few of the clean-up tasks right away.

Free Space on iPhone
Free Space on iPhone

3D Friends

Make friends from around the world, Chat, send long messages, audio recordings, photos and play online games.
A great addition that was demanded by our beta testers. Now you can upload pictures to your page and share it with everybody or just friends. Get views and likes on every picture you upload to your page.

This is not based on your phone contacts, but rather driven from a database that has thousands of profiles, that you can send a request for friendship. Once the request is accepted, you will be able to send long messages, audio messages, photos, chat or play online games against friends and families.

Grow your friendship to unlimited number of friends from around the world. The sky is the limit.

Play games with just about anyone that has the App from around the world, and they don’t have to be online. You make your move in the game, and wait on them to make their’s. Once they do, you will get notified, then you can make another move.

Make an account in two seconds. Just enter a username and password. Nothing else.
Once you hit register, you are logged in automatically and will be presented with the following;

1- Update your profile, including uploading a personal photo.
2 – Browse all profiles from all around the world, or use filters for specific criteria.
3 – Play Online Turn Based Games.
4 – Write and send long messages.
5 – Chat.
6 – Send photos.
7 – Send audio recordings.
8- Add pictures to Your Page.

Currently Available games are;

1 – Tic Tac Toe
2 – Connect 4
3 – Dot

3D Friends App
3D Friends