What it is like to quit your job and travel the world?

Quit Job

I recently did just this. I quit my unsatisfying job, bought a backpack and a one way ticket to Amsterdam (Europe), and hit the skies a few month’s later.

Backing up a bit… I wasn’t very happy at my job, the money was good, but it didn’t feel right, it didn’t by any means feel satisfying or purposeful. I kept thinking if I was in this same position 30 years from now.. would I be happy? The answer was always no.

A quote that I admire from Steve Jobs would constantly resurface in my thoughts:

“I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”

My answer was always no, and it was no for years, not days… You could say It took me over a year to finally drop everything, quit my job, and just go for it!

Looking back on that decision… Was it a good decision? Absolutely! I haven’t been this happy in years. I’m the lowest I’ve been financially, but I’m healthy, I’m happy, and I’m in a position to create a lifestyle that will allow me to travel and work from anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop. That’s what truly matters to me!

Quit Job

I made plans with one of my friends who lives in Serbia to meet me in Amsterdam and travel together for a month. This would also be his first time traveling/backpacking.

Anyway, we both met in Amsterdam at a Hostel and quickly got off to a great start. We were constantly meeting new people, and making new connections, seeing new places, tasting new food, making new memories, and having great conversations along the way.

We ended up going to 7 different cities in the span of 30 days in this order: Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Cologne, Prague, Ireland, London, Home.
My friend was low on money and went home a few days after reaching Prague. (Prague is an incredible city… my favorite city so far!)

Quit Job

I was completely blown away by the type of people we were meeting. Everyone was so genuine, open, and laid back. I can’t even begin to explain how refreshing it was, and on a side note — I believe the reason everyone was like this is because almost every single person was where they wanted to be…
They didn’t wake up each morning and go to their 9 to 5 job. They woke up each morning and did exactly what they wanted to do, and go wherever they wanted to go that day. It was amazing, and very eye opening…

The amount of new experiences, new friendships, and freedom available to travelers is truly amazing! They all come and go quickly so be sure to take a few pictures, connect with your newly met friends on Facebook and/or WhatsApp. Enjoy each day, and each location. Get out of your comfort zone, try something new, taste a new type of food, approach that beautiful girl (or guy), walk through the cities, walk outside the cities, take a walk through nature, anything goes… You may never get to experience this or see these people again!

Don’t come home with a lot of regrets, come home filling satisfied and fulfilled, and full of many new memories, and then maybe you can begin to realize that traveling is a small snippet of what life could be like if everyone was doing what they truly wanted to do each day…

I truly enjoyed my time traveling, and I’m gearing up to go again this summer! It has given me a new zest for life, an understanding that whenever life gets dull, or boring, I always have it to fall back on.

I highly recommend traveling to anyone considering it.. It’s full of countless possibilities! Life’s short, book a ticket and just go for it!

Quit Job

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